by Sunrise of Lincoln Park Storytellers

They look like two nuns holding hands. They are getting food, hopefully nutritional, and they look happy but they’re not communicating with anyone, and they’re not part of the system. They’re probably thinking about what happened at the previous gathering. They’re looking for friends and they want them because they’re all children. They are in an order of sisters named the Sisters of Charity from a convent. Or are they? Wait a minute, they’re penguins, and they might be mates. The penguins are named Mary and Joseph. They’re walking into water but it’s hard to tell. They are going to a convent. Once they get there they start cleaning. They’re hungry and eating bread and water or maybe fish. They want money--nuns always want money to give to the order. That’s what happens, they beg and we all give them money!
[Song: Ave Maria]


by Sunrise of Lincoln Park Storytellers

It’s lunchtime in New Orleans and they’re eating poutines! It’s a 1950 Corvette with the top down, a 57 Thunderbird, a Cadillac, Rolls Royce, Chevy from the levy, Mercedes Benz! It belongs to a wealthy person like Louise because Jim can’t afford it. Louise like to go to the beach, the park, and hell. Because she has a fancy car she probably eats fancy foods—but maybe not because she spent all her money on the car. Americans love hot dogs and burgers! They eat cheap. Louise is asking herself why she got the car. Probably so she can show it off. She doesn’t have very good taste.
Louise listens to rock n' roll, classic hard rock, Elvis, The Beatles, Blue Suede Shoes, Love Me Tender, and Aint Nothing But a Hound Dog. She’s listening and snapping her fingers and drives right into another car!
She’s gonna have to do something like get a job.
She has no work history—but then how did she get the car?
Her daddy got her the car because he married an 18-year-old.
Louise would describe his wife very poorly. She’s say she’s immature and after his fortune—she’s a gold digger. Wow.
She must work in the diamond mines.
Louise isn’t paying attention and drives off a mountain in LA
Possible reasons: to kill herself, she wasn’t paying attention, drunk from cocktails at lunch, or to get off the mountain quicker. Things like this don’t happen in New Orleans, they happen in LA.
Louise goes straight to heaven—not to hell. She went to hell and back and learned the lessons where she is now! Lesson is: don’t drink and drive, and go straight to Graff Jewelers to get diamonds, which is what she always wanted.


by Sunrise of Park Ridge Storytellers

He’s in a suitcase in the 1950's. His name is Phil. He’s living in the living room in the house in Germany, which smells like beer and sauerkraut. He’s in a suitcase because it fits him and so his parents can carry him. Phil has nail polish on from his sister. Phil is going on a trip to the United States. Phil is between 6 months to 5-years-old. He’s smiling and happy because he’s going to meet President Eisenhower—Ike. The parents are gone to get tickets for the train, plane, and bus. Phil has an older sister who is watching him. Her name is Nicole. Phil and Nicole love each other and they play together a lot and she puts rings on his fingers. So the family goes to the US and they are happier because there is no country like our country. They have family in D.C. so after they’re done visiting President Ike, they will go to the family reunion and have a big picnic and then visit all the Washington monuments and the White House. It’s exciting to be in D.C. It’s crowded and smells like cherry blossoms. Phil is very happy and has a flag in his suitcase. After Phil met Ike he met Vice President Nixon and he didn’t like him because he was too big. Phil drooled on him. Oh well, babies will be babies.



by Sunrise of Wilmette Storytellers

It’s conceivable that some of her friends are thinking she ought to wear slacks, not something so revealing. She has something in her right arm, perhaps a plastic plate. She’s doing a professional exercise and display. She enjoys the energy she has. It’s a luxury vacation place like in Florida. Florida is filled with you know whats, but it’s very sweet. The weather is beautiful but may be too warm sometimes. The woman is getting married soon. She feels good about it. She’s marrying someone really nice named Jack. We suspect they haven’t known each other too long, but they’re mature. They don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. Jack was talking to a friend and his friend said go to Florida. Jack did it, but deep in his heart—which will reveal itself in the future—he loves the Arctic and Canada. The woman feels negative about cold weather. It might be difficult for them to get along but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. This came to them as a wonderful gift of growing so they were off on a good plan on how to marry someone different than themselves.


by Sunrise of Lincoln Park Storytellers

It was one of the bi-planes with two wings. We’re at the airport or in the field testing the plane to see what it’s going to do and how far this plane could fly. It’s a beautiful pilot. It would be interesting if it were a man, but Blanche Scott is a pilot. She’s extremely focused and the steering wheel looks like something you use on a ship. She’s got guts! She’s going to the coast and it’s hard to know, but she’s dressed for cold weather because she has a collar and gloves and special things on her legs. It’s what’s in your mind when you see the person. Amelia Earhart would be there to help her. Or maybe Amelia would not help her because she crashed. Amelia the only person who flew non-stop. She’s a historian because she’s the only woman who ever did what she did. She’s involved in a test to see if she can arrive at a place. A luxury. She’s going to crash because she ran out of gas. BOOM! Smells like gasoline burning. It was a mystery, an investigation after and they never could solve it. Newspapers ran it for weeks and weeks. She was aiming for Easter Island and she was the only woman to ever do it.


by Sunrise of Lincoln Park Storytellers

They’re having fun and they are happy. Sylvia and Mable are their names. They look like they’re full of life and having a blast. They must be in Vegas and it sounds like “bleep bleep bing bing beep beep!” Mable is wearing red and they are best friends and the husbands must be in the casino doing their own thing. Their husbands are also best friends and the women are happy their husbands gave them money to have a good time, all twenty-five dollars. They seem to be uniquely aged and enjoying the same thing. They’ve known each other since childhood. They toss the dice and hope to win the jackpot! They look crazed. By now the jackpot is big and they’re beating out the money. It sounds like change moving around, machines going off, money being thrown around. And Mable is ecstatic. If Mable doesn’t get the result she wants, Mable gets mean and jealous and tries not to show it, but Sylvia cheers her on! Mable is getting frustrated and running out of money and now they’re pretending they’re having fun. Sylvia tells her if they don’t win the jackpot, they’re still winners because they have each other.


©2017 by Maria Vorhis.