Hi, I'm Maria.

I'm a writer, performer, and human. I believe in making things (essays! stories! films! plays!) and putting them into the world. I'm so glad you're here.


My essay, "Artist" was published in Salt Hill Journal's issue 45 and featured online alongside Erin Loree's oil on panel, "Three Mountains."


My essay "The Astronaut" was published in Pigeon Pages lit journal and featured online with Jessica Cannon's archival pigment print, "Hydrocosmic Permeability."


2021 Happenings

Homewood Stories

7:30pm CT, January 19th

What happens when we really listen to one another? Experience for yourself the genuine connection, sense of belonging, and community by tuning into the 7th anniversary show of Homewood Stories

Story Arts of MN Story Circle

7:00pm CT, 4th Tuesday of every month

Quarantined and going nutty? I'm hosting a Story Circle for Story Arts MN in which storytellers have 7 minutes to tell whatever they like. Personal narrative, folk tale, you name it. No judgment, no feedback. Just story.