As my clown teacher says, "what does not get expressed will become impressed," so I make art. I suggest you do, too. Here are some of the things I've made:


Solo show | Maria Vorhis

Twelve-year-old Natalie is on a quest to grow boobs and find meaning under her bunk-bed. With Christmas fast approaching, and puberty nowhere in sight, Natalie summons a higher power, George, to help her. Her conversations with George begin to intensify as her parent’s marriage dissolves in the background. Complete with sacrificial chickens, water bras, and Judaism, “Are You There, George?” promises a comedic and heartfelt look at what it means to be not only twelve, but human.


Short | Kaitlyn Busbee and Maria Vorhis

Meet Fiona Franzen, a young Type A math teacher who has lived her life according to an equation: school + job + fiancé = success. When Fiona is thrust into teaching 6th Grade Sex Ed (thanks to Mr. Kraby's well-timed fishing trip), she begins to question her arithmetic. A short comedy about the growing pains of young adulthood.


Web Series | Sean Lewis, Kaitlyn Busbee, and Maria Vorhis

Meet Gracie and Norm. Now that Gracie's an adult, Norm is ready to be her dad. But is she ready to be his daughter?


Feature | Working Group Productions

When big news comes in for the constant bachelor Shawn, he makes it a mission to visit everyone who has shunned him for years. This includes his old friend Greg – a children’s musician living in the cozy, domestic confines of Brooklyn. After the two old friends hit some hilarious re-acquainting pains, they soon hit the American road for a trip that will show them the gifts and the costs of real friendship.
Shot over the course of 7 days between Iowa City, IA and Brooklyn, New York.


©2017 by Maria Vorhis.